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Instagram -The New Frontier

What types of industry use Instagram the most.

The 21st Century is a very visual age so Instagram is the perfect platform if you have something to view. It started off as an iOS-only app but has quickly grown to have a massive Android and web following.

Instantaneously visible, Instagram is a great way to publicise your organisation’s wares if you are selling something or doing anything that you can show off.

Instagram is a mobile app that is owned by Facebook, so anything you share on one, you can post on the other.

Statistics last year show that more than 90% of the 300 million Instagram users are under 35-years-of-age, so it’s the perfect social media platform to market clothing, entertainment and brands that focus on media.

If you want people to see your services and products, Instagram, like Pinterest, might be the perfect method for you to communicate with your audience. You can show off your images, adverts and even videos.

Early photo ads have been getting great results for some Instagram clients. For example, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream managed to reach 9.8 American men and women aged 18 to 35 years, in just eight days, using Instagram. That’s food for thought.

Demographics for instagram also show an urban, youthful population with 68% of users being female. Another recent report showed that one fifth of adult internet users have an Instagram account. It also showed that it is a great outlet for advertisers because Instagram has 75 million daily users and Instagram fans are 25% more likely to have above average incomes.

Instagram is like an instant shop window on the web so it’s not surprising that all of the big stores like M&S, John Lewis and Next and have an Instagram presence. In the league table of 100 users with the most followers, Instagram itself has the highest number of followers with more than 52 million; Kim Kardashian is second in ranking with more than 26 million followers and Beyoncé is just behind her with 123,000 fewer followers. If the truth be told, the majority of users with the most followers are celebrities, but Nike is 19th and FC Barcelona is 40th.

So if you don’t want to get left by your competitors, you need to start instantly using Instagram!


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