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I found this blog on the socialmediaexaminer website, as usual it contains good quality advice that you can use to make your social media work for you, Twitter is a fantastic platform as it is so easy to use and get started and this tutorial on setting up a Twitter chat has been broken it down into easy to understand paragraphs, I have listed the headings below so you know what to expect.

#1: Define the Objective

#2: Identify Similar Chats

#3: Set the Date and Time

#4: Choose a Hashtag

#5: Invite Guests

#6: Prepare Questions

#7: Promote the Chat

#8: Run the Chat

#9: Track Results

Everything you do in marketing needs to have a reason and hosting a Twitter chat is no different, although it may seem daunting at first if your reason for hosting this event is strong enough you will find the learning curve relatively simple. the other big benefit is that you don’t need any outside software to get going and its FREE.
Set a time and date and run a test campaign in your office or with friends, maybe when you’re all watching a football match or some other event where its great to voice your opinions on what’s happening.

Source: How to Host and Promote a Twitter Chat Social Media Examiner

Social Media Manager

Successful Social media management relies on having a solid strategy and using the right tools to get the job done. This website offers some great tools to help you manage your business profiles like a professional social media media managerIf you just don’t have the inclination or time to run your own business profiles Gary Hickman is an industry leading social media manager who can help you turn your Facebook, LinkedIn or blog into a regular source of quality leads. Text the word gary to 60222 for a call back.

Source: Features | Reachpod

Do you know how to use LinkedIn?

Do You know how to use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a powerful tool, which millions of people use to network with other professionals. What many individuals and businesses don’t realize, however, is that it can also be extremely effective for marketing. While most marketers see the other major social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter as great tools, LinkedIn is all too often overlooked. This is a big mistake because not only does LinkedIn have millions of active users, the vast majority of them are adults who have the ability to make purchases. This helps to increase the rate of conversion for virtually any type of product.

When working with Open Space Advertising, you won’t have to worry about learning every aspect of this powerful site. Open Space Advertising is able to set you up with an account, and provide detailed instructions on how to get the best results over the long term. Understanding how to use LinkedIn for marketing is important for all types of businesses, and when partnered with us it is fast and easy too. There are a few important things to keep in mind which, once learned, will help improve the results you’re seeing from this powerful social network.

Properly Fill Out Your Profile

When signing your business up for LinkedIn, make sure to take the time to completely fill out your profile. One key area of your profile is the websites section. Make sure to take the time to use anchor text with your link to give your site the best SEO benefits possible, and also attract the most clicks from visitors. Keep going until it says you are 100% complete to ensure you get the best possible results. A complete profile will not only allow LinkedIn to show your account to the largest groups of people, but it will also give you a more professional presence, which people will respect.

Join Groups

There are thousands of groups available to join on LinkedIn. They range from being quite broad to extremely specific, so take some time to go through and find all the groups related to your niche. Join these groups and take some time to see what is going on. Participate in active discussions within the group to start building a reputation as well as bringing in direct traffic from those who read your comments.

Make sure to join a diverse set of groups to get the best results. Large groups with 50,000+ members can be very effective, even if it isn’t as related as some of the smaller groups. On the other hand, a group with only 500 members that is focused specifically toward your type of business may be even better.

Answer Questions & Participate

In addition to participating in the conversations within groups you’ve joined, go out and look for questions which you can answer. LinkedIn has a section where people can post questions to the community, and others can answer them. This is a great way to show the value of your company and attract traffic to your page. Make sure you only post high-quality answers which get right to the heart of what the people are asking. One of the best things about this strategy is that answering this one question today can drive traffic to your page for years to come.

Integrate with Other Social Media

Linking your LinkedIn profile with your Facebook page and Twitter account can make it much easier to update them all at once. This will also encourage people to like your page or follow you across all of the social networks rather than just one. Open Space Advertising can help by integrating all your social media accounts together so you can make posts and provide updates in a fast and effective way.

LinkedIn Ads

Last, but certainly not least, are the LinkedIn Ads. Like the other social networks, LinkedIn allows marketers to purchase extremely targeted ad space at a very affordable rate. You can buy ads which will only be displayed to people who meet your very specific requirements. This means your ad will only be seen by the audience you’re business is looking to target. The return on investment for these types of ads can be quite significant, and well worth the effort.

As you can see, LinkedIn isn’t just a place where people go to network with other professionals. It is a powerful marketing tool which, when used correctly, can help to drive sales and increase activity to your business. If you’re not using LinkedIn yet, or you’re using it incorrectly, let Open Space Advertising help to set up your profile and allow your business to harness the power of LinkedIn.


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Why Twitter Is A Must For Your Business

Why Twitter Is A Must For Your Business/Brand?

Katy Perry does it, Justin Bieber does it and Barack Obama does too! They all tweet.

These three celebrities have more followers worldwide on Twitter than anyone else, with a combined total of 170.49 million followers (Katy has the most with 61.53, Justin has 57.77 and the President of the USA has 51.19). They are known across the Globe, proving that if you are in business or have a brand to promote, you should have a Twitter account! It’s that simple.

Here are some other reasons for joining Twitter:

1, To connect

Twitter is one of the best modern day ways to promote your business, while connecting with your prospects. During the second quarter of 2014, Twitter had 271 million monthly active users.

2, Branding

With Twitter, you can use the power of words and images to engage and promote your brand to your followers.

3, It’s as free as a bird

Twitter is a cheap form of marketing as it is free. You can also pay for adverts on Twitter, if you want to.

4, To demonstrate your expertise

You can show off your knowledge and expertise in your carefully worded messages so your audience will know who to turn to when they need to know something about your niche market.

5, Share news

Twitter is the ideal way to share news about what is happening as it happens. You can also tell everyone about your special offers or coupons for reductions.

6, It is viral

Your clever communications can prove to be so popular that they go viral and are sent around the world. You just have to remember the last year’s world cup to know how quickly your words are spread, if they are on Twitter.

7, Your sales can soar

By using Twitter, you can promote your business and brand across the world, increasing the number of prospective buyers.

8, Feedback from customers

Twitter allows your customers to converse with you and it’s a great way of getting feedback. This provides live testimonials as well.

9, Customer loyalty

As your customers get used to you and your tweets, they also get used to your branding and become loyal clients.

10, Keep up with the competition

Twitter is also a good way of spying on your competitors so you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly and hopefully overtake them.

If you need any help with Social media Management, registering on Twitter or writing posts, get in touch with Open Space Advertising Limited. We will soon have you up and tweeting! Telephone 01206 823780.

Eight Things You Didn’t Know About Google +

When people talk about social media networks they usually mention LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter first with Google+ ranking lower down their list. They fail to realise that Google+ is the middle child of digital marketing platforms, quickly growing up to perhaps over take its bigger brothers!

If social media is part of your marketing strategy for your business or organisation, you should be using Google+.

Here are eight things that you didn’t know about Google+ that might persuade you to use it:

1) Vic Gundotra is widely believed to have been the man behind Google+ which was launched on June 28th, 2011. The following month in July 2011, the Google+ iPhone app became the most popular free application in the Apple App Store. So isn’t it worth using Google+?

2) According to Google, Google+ had 540 million active users in October 2013 and a survey at the time found 30 per cent of smartphone owners used the Google Plus app at least once a month. You don’t want to miss out on this captive audience, do you?

3) Google loves anything Google owns, like YouTube, so if you use Google + regularly, it will help to get your website ranked on the first page when people search for your businesses within your industry.

4) People who click the +1 button are endorsing your business, which will boost your SEO ranking.

5) If you include a Review section on your profile it will improve your reputation and help to increase your profile.

6) If you have a well written, full profile description, Google will treat your page more favourably in searches than businesses that don’t.

7) The more you post, the greater your expertise will appear to the people in your circles, which should help you reach your sales targets.

8) Google has invested a lot of money in Google+ so it is here to stay. Maybe it’s time you invested more time and energy in Google+ too.

If you need any help improving your Google+ profile or content, just get in touch with Let’s Get Social, Open Space Advertising Limited. Telephone 01206 823780 or email