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Just like a boxer, being a business owner means getting put on your backside on a regular basis. Thing will go wrong in the same way things will go well, as the famous motivator Jim Rohn says “that’s just the way it is” ⚡️Don’t spend your time trying to find ways of never getting knocked down, spend your time building a dream that will get you back up.#goodvibes #marketing #marketingotd#inspirationalquotes #business #lawofattraction

How To Create a Video Without a Camera or Photoshop Type Programs Using Youtube

We all know that video has become an essential part of a content marketing strategy, however up to now it has always been a mystery to the novice marketer as it is perceived to be to expensive and too time consuming to do. Youtube has changed all that and now you can produce effective videos without a camera or Photoshop type programs.

The above video produced by Gary hickman takes you step by step through the process of creating a video using the free tools supplied by Youtube. A simple video can be made in about fifteen minutes.

4 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tactics that Need to be a Part of Your Core Strategy

If you have a Facebook business page and you have tried to use it to create leads or sales for your business then you will have already discovered just how confusing and tedious it is to optimise your Facebook adverts. Facebook advertising continues to prove itself to be one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to reach your target audience. The main problem is that Facebook like Google continue to change the rules which means you need to be make sure you are on top of the strategies that work as techniques stop working as quickly as you find them. Facebook is constantly rolling out advanced features on its evolving, albeit exasperating, advertising platform.

This blog I found will expose these advanced features including actionable setup instructions that will teach you to:

1) Laser Target Your Content: Use Facebook Dark Posts to Engage Multiple Audiences

2) Measure your Success: Install Conversion Pixels

3) Boost Conversions: Leverage Remarketing Audiences

4) Hack your Advertising: Use the Power Editor to Do More with Facebook Advertising

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Source: 4 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tactics that Need to be a Part of Your Core Strategy




I found this blog on the socialmediaexaminer website, as usual it contains good quality advice that you can use to make your social media work for you, Twitter is a fantastic platform as it is so easy to use and get started and this tutorial on setting up a Twitter chat has been broken it down into easy to understand paragraphs, I have listed the headings below so you know what to expect.

#1: Define the Objective

#2: Identify Similar Chats

#3: Set the Date and Time

#4: Choose a Hashtag

#5: Invite Guests

#6: Prepare Questions

#7: Promote the Chat

#8: Run the Chat

#9: Track Results

Everything you do in marketing needs to have a reason and hosting a Twitter chat is no different, although it may seem daunting at first if your reason for hosting this event is strong enough you will find the learning curve relatively simple. the other big benefit is that you don’t need any outside software to get going and its FREE.
Set a time and date and run a test campaign in your office or with friends, maybe when you’re all watching a football match or some other event where its great to voice your opinions on what’s happening.

Source: How to Host and Promote a Twitter Chat Social Media Examiner


Have you got an Effective Content Marketing Campaign?

Did you know that in 2014 there were more than 80 million wordpress sites?, so building a website and expecting traffic to flood in is now just a pipe dream.

Now you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd, it used to be that employing a SEO (search engine optimisation) expert to put your website at the top of Google was an easy option, even if your content was rubbish.

In 2015 unless you have large amounts of money, this is no longer an option. Google fights these internet Gurus every day with its new algorithms, which means paying these specialists is now a costly monthly expense as they need to keep tweaking what they have done, otherwise your website will slip into the abyss.

The best way a small website owner can ever hope to compete on google is with fantastic content, however this is easier said than done as most people don’t know where to start with a content marketing campaign.

This blog I found will show you 9 of the bests ways to build your content marketing campaign with straightforward, easy to use tips that can be implemented immediately.

If you would like more tips like this goto the top of my blog and opt into get updated with all the great things I come across while exploring the internet and marketing universe or text “gary” to 60222 (normal text rates apply. When you do this you will be sent updates like how to create a content marketing campaign and lots more

Source: 9 Steps To Build An Effective Content Marketing Campaign « RankReveal Blog

1 Of The Best How To Make WordPress Websites Tutorials

How To Make A WordPress Website

If you have just started a business and need a website this post will become your best friend. Website designers can be hideously expensive but we all know a website is an essential part of your image. You will have heard the saying, “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”. when someone is interested in your service it is inevitable they will check you out online and what they find can either confirm you are the goto expert or convince your potential customer that they have just had a lucky escape.

I have found these how to make a wordpress website videos and put them into one blog so you don’t have to scour the internet trying to find the answers to some basic questions.


1. How To Make a WordPress Website – 2014

Create a business website step by step with no step skipped. We will be using WordPress to build your website and in just a couple of hours you will have a complete website that looks revolutionary!


Website Tour 0:00:00
What is a Responsive Theme 0:02:34
Video Overview 0:02:58
Hosting Overview 0:03:05
Domain Name Overview 0:05:50
WordPress Overview 0:04:47
Theme Overview 0:05:28
Create Website Overview 0:05:55

1. Choose Hosting & Buy Website Name

Visiting HostGator 0:06:50
Choosing a Plan 0:07:14
Registering a Domain Name 0:08:45
Entering Billing Information 0:10:19
Coupon code 35% Off Enter in ThirtyFive 0:11:13
Confirmation Email & Passwords 0:12:12

2. Installing WordPress & Setting Up Your Website

Install WordPress 0:12:37
Click QuickInstall 0:13:31
Install WordPress 0:13:48
Login To WordPress 0:17:15
Change Password 0:18:18
Disable WP super cache 19:35
Diable Plugins 0:20:26

3.Install Your Theme 0:22:22

4.Create Your Website

Delete and Add Pages

Delete Sample Page 0:24:25
Adding Your Pages 0:25:00

Add Featured Image To Homepage

Add Homepage Feature Image 0:27:39
Change Feature Image Text 0:30:55
Upload Feature Image 0:37:39
Set Feature Image To Homepage 0:38:55
Remove Slider Arrow From Featured Image 0:39:50

Finish The Homepage With All Information

Complete Homepage 0:40:30
Install Page Builder 0:41:10
Adding widgets and Rows 0:42:55
Turning Custom Homepage On 0:43:57
Adding Homepage Boxes 0:44:30
Adding Links 0:45:50
Adding Text Box 0:50:51
Add Button 0:50:59
Add Video 0:52:19
Add Divider Line 0:53:59

Photo Galley Page

Photo Gallery Page 0:55:25
Remove Sidebar 0:55:48
Add images 0:56:27
Image Pop Up With Lightbox Plugin 0:59:25

Services Page

Services Page 1:01:40
Add Icons 1:02:20
Remove Sidebar 1:05:10
Change Circle Icon Color 1:05:42
Add Some Space 1:10:30

About Our Company Page

About Page 1:11:07
Create link to existing content 1:12:11
Add picture 1:12:40
Pickmonkey Collage 1:13:04
Add Facebook Widget 1:16:50

Contact Page

Contact Page 1:21:10
Remove Sidebar 1:21:31
Contact Text Removed 1:22:05
Page Builder 1:22:38
Blackstudio mce Plugin 1:24:25
Contact Form 1:28:36
Add divider line & change color 1:32:29
Map 1:33:12
Change e-mail address for contact form 1:35:11


Organize/Create menu 1:35:48
Sub Navigation 1:37:30

Create and Integrate Logo

Create a Logo 1:38:09
Change Logo size 1:43:48

Social Media

Social media Icons 1:44:40

Website Description

Change Site description 1:47:33

Source: How To Make a WordPress Website – 2014 – YouTube



I Found This online mind mapping software today (15th July)

As a marketing explorer I constantly follow links, looking out for tools and tips that can help me and my clients achieve their marketing goals, Presenting your ideas to other people or reminding your future self is an important part of business development so this online mind mapping website caught my eye.

I will be using this for myself and so will create a review over the next few days which I will add to the bottom of this blog. If you have used this software please leave your opinion as a comment below.

If you know of any other online mind mapping software please share the links so we can all have a look. Please only leave links to software or tools you have some knowledge about rather than just affiliate links.

Source: Mind Mapping Software: Mind Maps | MindMeister

How To Rank Page 1 of Google FAST !

Do you know how to rank page 1 of Google?

Creating good content is only the first part of earning money online, you also need to know how to rank page 1 of Google. Being on page 1 ensures you get traffic to your website.

This video gives you step by step seo instructions and explains in plain English how to get your articles place on page 1 of Google. There is an offer at the end of the video but don’t let that stop you from going through this first quality training.

If you love this how to rank page 1 of Google video you may want to visit their offer. (I am not an affiliate and do not gain in any way if you decide to get involved) I have added this to my blog because I loved the info and wanted to share it with my friends and community.

Offer Link:

Source: How To Rank Page 1 of Google FAST ! – YouTube

Social Media Manager

Successful Social media management relies on having a solid strategy and using the right tools to get the job done. This website offers some great tools to help you manage your business profiles like a professional social media media managerIf you just don’t have the inclination or time to run your own business profiles Gary Hickman is an industry leading social media manager who can help you turn your Facebook, LinkedIn or blog into a regular source of quality leads. Text the word gary to 60222 for a call back.

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